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Track Title: 絶景色

Artist: Plunklock

Album: JUSTart


PLUNKLOCK-絶景色/Zekkeishoku/ “Color of the picturesque scenery”

Lyrics written by Haro

English translation:

Come to think of my childhood

I wasn’t thinking about getting hurt

Not when I climbed the steel tower

Nor when I ran on the high hill road

Not even when I went out just lightly dressed in the cold wintry wind

What lies ahead on this way somehow

Nobody understands it and nobody wants to know it

You can call me an idiot

Am I just afraid of growing up?

What is waiting on my way?

 Written in a graffiti which suddenly caught my eyes

Those faint memories vividly come to life

The park where we made the promise

or my way home in the evening sun

I already understood I can’t go back

…to the myself from that days


If the thing waiting for me on this way turned out to be despair- Even this despair, I would definitely surpass it

I’d grab as much as I can with this hand and wouldn’t be afraid of anything waiting on this way


If I remember you…

and also the expired betrayal

Someday I’ll be able to smile

and to remember you with love

I liked talking with you after all


Sometimes we might have made mistakes

Even if I’m gonna turn into a future blurred by tears

I will grasp it with this hand

I will continue walking with this feet

And in the end I will smile and for all and everything I will cry

(not posting the Japanese cause I don’t want ppl to see possible mistakes xD)